the alien way, gordon r. dickson

A solitary woman was raking nearby. She was of an age to be Jason's mother, though that was unlikely. Jason's mother was undoubtbly still in the palace of the Brutogasi. Someday he must look up the records and see. It as a matter he had always meant to get around to. An honrable man should know the identity of the woman who bore him and carried him sleeping in her pouch for seven years




This is Dad's pulp mystery and science fiction collection from 1951-1971 when he died. You'll see front and back covers from pulp science fiction books like 'Amazing' and 'Astounding' Science Fiction plus covers from pulp mystery writers like Mickey Spillane, Richard Prather, Nick Carter and Edward Aarons' novels. Also, the complete collection of Ian Fleming. Over 400 titles! Enjoy the fantastic cover artwork. Read a sample of their writing about protagonists 'Doc Savage', 'Shell Scott', 'Mike Hammer', and 'James Bond'. Run your cursor through the alphabetic listing to pick from the selection. Check out the links page under 'L'. Rick Davids (Facebook).