The Dudda's

The note below came to us from Gail Langendorf in a separate email message so we are posting it to the web site. She wrote on 25 July 2014.

More photos were added on 4 March 2016.


"I just stumbled across your Lake Teedyuskung website. I was so thrilled to see the photos and families! My family bought their log cabin at the lake about 1958 or 1959. Their cabin was next to Doc Walsh's, we used to be first house on the right, and one of only 2 houses on the right side of the road, back then.

I lived most summers at the lake with my grandparents, Pauline & Curt Dudda. I grew up with the kids at Trillium lodge, the Worral & Simm families. Also with David & the Hirus family (Arlene & Joe) one house further up from Stevenson's. Every week we bought produce from the Menotti's, I recall Andy so well.

There are other families too that I am trying to remember, like Dunkele, Testa, etc. I am attaching a photo of Pauline & Curt Dudda in front of their cabin. We used to call this place "Bear Corner". And a photo of myself & my grandmother Pauline Dudda on the lake. I am not sure if you maintain this site anymore, or if you moved it elsewhere. I live in Australia now, since 2008. I used to work at Woodloch Pines from 1974 to 1978. My aunt owns the log cabin now."

The Dudda Cabin at 'Bear Corner'.

From an August 11, 2014 email from Gail Langendorf:

"I recall so well the David & Olsen family homes. I rode my bike past all the time. My cousins Jim, Andy & myself were close in age to the Worrall/Simms clan & so we played with them for many hours at Trillium Lodge. David, Kathy & Debbie Simms, and David & Mark Worrall.

Our grandparents played pinochle with Julia Hart.  We would either host the card games at the Dudda's cabin or we would walk up the road to Julia's & play at her place. Sometimes they would play pinochle with the Menotti's. And they bought much of our veggies from Andy Menotti. I remember when Andy bought his Toyota pickup truck. Arlene Hinkel taught me to swim when I was a child. Jim, Andy & I worked at Woodloch in the summers once we turned 15."

From an August 9, 2014 email from Gail Langendorf:

THANK YOU SO MUCH for updating the website with our family. I love that!!!! I am going to share that with my cousin Jim, who is like a brother to me.  (That is, Jim Leberknight.) Attached is Jim & I at the cabin when we were about 10 or 11 years old, so about 1969-1970. Our grandfather Curt Dudda, had built us a little playhouse, which matched the family log cabin.


In helping to solicit families, I can contact my cousin Jim. He might still be in touch with Simms or Worralls, or even perhaps Brian Hirus. I'll see what he says.  Jim & I both worked at Woodloch Pines in the summer times (once we were 15 years old). I was looking for Kathy & Debbie Worrall on Facebook this weekend but I cannot find them Girls change last names, me too… We also used to be friends with Terry Dinan & Drew Seaman who were not lake families but worked at Woodloch & were locals who lived all year round in the area.

I am on Facebook & happy to connect there.

Oh, I especially love the lake road walk map & the photos along the way that you have posted.  That is really clever.

Gail Langendorf and Grandma Paula Dudda
The Dudda Cabin at 'Bear Corner' with the same doll!...
Fall. Leaves collecting on the shoreline. Red maples and oaks. Looking toward where Hutchinson's Cabins stood.
Fall. Looking toward Olsen's Point. Engvaldsen's cabin mid center.
My (Gail Langendorf) lovely Mum, Annemay Dudda & her friend Barbara Kortnick
Barbara Kortnick in foreground & myself (Gail Langendorf) in background.
From left to right, Curt Dudda, Paula Dudda, unknown man standing, Kate Leberknight, Andrew Leberknight, unknown boy sitting, Annemay Dudda standing, my little brother George at her arm, myself.