This is some information of how Ted and I worked together and didn't work together to help Mom and ourselves live normal lives. Sometimes we had different ideas on how to solve a problem. We had to work together to manage and I mean MANAGE Mom's life. Mom could no longer use a microwave oven, write a check, write a letter, or pay a bill. Now we had to take care of all the little things that enable us to live fairly stable lives. It took a lot of planning and trials and errors.
We learned some lessons along the way. Things that might help you enjoy life with your family when Alzheimer's drifts inside. So these lessons are from two sons and two brothers. In some ways we had to act like brothers and at other times two sons - we had to do what was best for Mom and at other times what was best for each of us. You'll find down-to-earth things you can do now to make a transition from normal to assisted care living and other alternative types of living arrangements.
All these lessons won't get posted right away. It'll take some time. Maybe 6 months. Maybe a never. Time goes so quickly - but we only took one day at a time.

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