This web site is dedicated to our Mom and Dad and to all the members of the family who have passed on. But especially to Mom who had Alzheimer's Disease.

Please do what you can to help someone in your family who may have Alzheimer's Disease. Don't wait until it's too late to get help. We nearly did....

Uncle Bill Wolf.  Stroke! Stroke! To Uncle Bill Wolf. This is how I shall remember him. Having fun on Lake Teedyuskung. Enjoying the sun and open air and free space. God bless him.
Aunt Helen Nicholl. 1926.
'Catching rays' on Lake T. float 
To Aunt Helen Nichol who always gave me $2 for Christmas when I was growing up in River Edge. God bless her and Uncle Leonard. I loved to play pool in their basement 'speakeasy'.
To Dad and Uncle Bill (R) up at Lake Teedyuskung, PA. God bless them.    
Living Room, River Edge, NJ. 1955.   Uncle Ken and Aunt Dea.  Wedding Day. 1950.
To Nannie, Uncle Ken Wolf (L), and Uncle Bill Wolf (R) for teaching me how to play double solitare on Friday nights in the 1960's.   To Uncle Ken Wolf and Aunt Dea Baldinette, my Godmother. God bless her and him.

 The 'Boys' - West 218th Street, NYC

To the 'Boys' as Mom would say.


Top - Uncle Bill Wolf, Uncle Ken Wolf, Dad, and Uncle Bill at Nanny's on West 218th Street in NYC. 1952.


Bottom - Uncle Ken, Uncle Bill, Dad, Uncle Bill, Uncle Lew (Dad's brother). Sputyen Duvill Creek and the TriBorough Bridge in the background.

(L-R) Kathy, Aunt Lee, Mom, Aunt Helen, Aunt Rose, Aunt Laurel, at her Wedding Anniversary.
To the women of the Wolf, Reid, Nicholl and Baldinette families. 


Aunt Laurel.  50th Wedding Annivesary. To Aunt Laurel and Uncle Harry Wolf. This is how I remember them! Aunt Laurel laughing and Uncle Harry smoking his cigars. El Productos! God bless them. Uncle Harry.  Cooper Avenue, 25th Wedding Anniversary.
The Wolf Family at Aunt Laurel's and Uncle Harry's 50th wedding anniversary.

To the good times... Mom, Uncle Ken, Aunt Lee, Uncle Harry and Aunt Laurel. 1972.

 To Mom and Dad....

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