Important Advice

Before you exercise, it's important to consider some things about your age, lifestyle, and health that can affect how much benefit you get from this or any exercise program. Please read these 'Advice' statements. If you have any doubts whatsoever about your using this exercise program, please call your doctor and get a checkup.
Use common sense in all exercising. Go only as far in each exercise as is comfortable. Stop if you feel any pain or discomfort!
For best results, do the exercises of your choice every other day.
Discuss any doubts or previous ailments (chest or back pain) with a doctor before doing these exercises.
Relax tight muscles when you exhale during the exercise, not when you inhale.
Please read all the instructions for each exercise before doing the exercise.
There is no need to rush or force yourself. Improvement will come.
Wear light weight, loose fitting clothing. Wait about 2 hours between exercising and eating.
Do not 'bounce' during any of these movements! Perform stretches slowly and meaningfully.
Perform the exercises at a steady pace for the best training effect.
Perform some or all of each exercise. Do not rush.
Breathe deeply throughout each exercise. Breathe through the nose, if possible.
Take your resting pulse heart rate before you start exercising. If greater than 15 beats in 10 seconds, stop now and see your doctor about your health!
Do only the 'short course' or a few of the exercises of your choice the first time.
Do not be discouraged if you are unable to do all the exercises perfectly.
If you are going to stretch, then stretch AFTER you do an aerobic exercise rather than before.

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